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Program (tentative)

May 29th
10:00-11:00Prof. Tadashi Sugawara
How RNA/DNA, Protein, and Lipid Worlds meet in a vesicle-based model protocell?
11:00-11:40Prof. Yutetsu Kuruma
Construction of an artificial cell for the study of early cells
11:40-12:20Prof. Yusuke Maeda
Polymerization in prebiotic fields out of equilibrium
14:00-15:00Prof. David Deamer
A pathway to life's beginning: Synthesis and decomposition of biopolymers in fluctuating environments
15:00-15:40Prof. Shoichi Toyabe
Symmetry breaking of sequence information in templated ligation
16:00-16:40Prof. Kenichi Yoshikawa
Emergence of cell-like structure & function under crowding condition
16:40-17:20Dr. Yuka Sakuma
Control of vesicle deformation toward protocell
17:20-18:00Prof. Irene Chen
Encapsulation and interaction in the RNA World
May 30th
9:30-10:30Prof. Jack Szostak
Recent advances in the Non-enzymatic Copying of RNA Templates
10:40-11:20Prof. Sudha Rajamani
Messy prebiotic chemistry and its implications for the emergence of an RNA world
11:20-12:00Prof. Norikazu Ichihashi
Experimental evolution of a self-replicable RNA, the roles of compartment, parasites, and hypercycle
13:30-14:10Prof. Satoshi Sawai
Spatio-temporal constraints on cellular sensing: what it means for universal biology
14:10-15:10Prof. Kunihiko Kaneko
Multi-level Consistency: Towards Understanding Universality of Cellular Life
15:30-16:10Prof. Taro Toyota
Self-propelled Motion of Molecular Aggregates For Mobile Model Protocell
16:10-16:50Prof. Masayuki Imai
Self-reproduction of vesicles: membrane physics approach