Description of Research Area

A01: Fundamental | Proposed Research Projects (2016-2017)

A New Approach to Non-Equilibrium Physics from Gauge/Gravity Correspondence



Department of Physics, Chuo University

Research Subject

The gauge/gravity duality (the AdS/CFT correspondence) is a theoretical map between a strongly-interacting gauge theory and a theory of gravity. A finite temperature system of the gauge theory is described by a black hole: that means the macroscopic physics is obtained by solving the classical equations of motion in the gravity picture. We prepare non-equilibrium systems by solving the equations of motion in the presence of an external force driving the system out of equilibrium. In our research project, we use this new method to reveal possible fundamental laws of non-equilibrium systems beyond the linear response regime. Especially, I am planning to investigate into non-equilibrium phase transitions and critical phenomena, fluctuations and fundamental laws of non-equilibrium steady states, and properties of non-equilibrium systems with disorder.

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) on Innovative Areas, MEXT, Japan
Synergy of Fluctuation and Structure : Quest for Universal Laws in Non-Equilibrium Systems