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Yosuke Takasu, Yoshiaki Fukushima, Yusuke Nakamura, and Yoshiro Takahashi,
Magnetoassociation of a Feshbach molecule and spin-orbit interaction between the ground and electronically,
Physical Review A 96, 023602 (2017).

[Summary] By preparing a cold-atom ensemble of mixtures of the ground 1S0 and metastable 3P2 states of ytterbiumatoms 171Yb, we successfully associate a Feshbach molecule 171Yb2 with one 171Yb atom in its electronically excited state and another one in the ground state, by sweeping a magnetic field across a Feshbach resonance. The atom-molecule conversion efficiency reaches about 50%, confirmed by a separate image of atoms and molecules with a Stern-Gerlach effect and an atom loss measurement. In addition, we successfully implement a spin-orbit coupling with a one-photon process between the 3P2 (pseudo-spin-up) and ground 1S0 (pseudo-spin-down) states of a Yb atom. As a benchmark, we observe a spin-momentum locking behavior at a large Rabi frequency. The achieved successful production of Feshbach molecules, along with the implementation of spin-orbital coupling between the 1S0 and 3P2 states, provides an important step towards the study of a topological superfluid.