The purpose of this symposium is to share the latest progress in regard to the theory, experiment, and possible applications of new concepts in non-equilibrium systems.

This symposium is a part of activity of the research area, “Synergy of Fluctuation and Structure: Quest for Universal Laws in Non-Equilibrium Systems”, the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

This area attempts to expand two major areas of non-equilibrium science — studies of non-equilibrium fluctuations and self-organizing structures. Although the concepts of structure, stability, and fluctuation in non-equilibrium systems are not completely new, emerging activities related to these concepts are largely influenced by recent developments of theories on non-equilibrium fluctuations and recent advancement of experimental techniques for observing and controlling fluctuations in small systems. Similar progress has been made in observing and creating self-organized structures at much smaller scales than ever. The major aim of our research area is to merge these two new streams hopefully at mesoscopic scales where fluctuations and structures are expected to couple strongly. In this regard, the scope of this area is diverse. Subjects include quantum gas/liquids, soft matter, and bio-matter under non-equilibrium conditions. In these systems, meaning and roles of non-equilibrium fluctuations are becoming even more important in recent years. New challenges to search for universal laws of fluctuations are now undertaken in many systems; in mesoscopic systems, non-equilibrium phase transition, and biological systems.

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21 Nov. 2017
Hotel Monterey Sendai


22 Nov. 2017, 12:45-17:00
Matsushima sightseeing cruising and visiting Zuiganji temple etc including lunch (bento)