Poster Session

Guidelines for poster presentations

  • Poster boards, whose size is 120cm(width) × 180cm(height), will be available at the poster exhibition area.
  • During the Symposium, two poster sessions will be held. Poster Program
    • i) Session I (poster numbers starting with "PA") is held during 14:50-16:50 on Nov. 20 (Mon). Please put your poster by 14:50 on Nov. 20 and remove it by 19:00 on the same day.
    • ii) Session II (poster numbers starting with "PB") is held during 14:00-16:00 on Nov. 21 (Tue). Please put your poster by 14:00 on Nov. 21 and remove it by 16:30 on the same day.

Poster Session List

* Nominated for Poster Award

POSTER SESSION I - November 20 (Mon.) 14:50-16:50
PA101*"Dimensionality Dependence of Non-Gaussian Fluctuation in Microorganism Suspension"
Y. Ando, T. Kurihara, D. Mizuno (Kyushu Univ.)
PA102*"Virtual Potentials by Feedback Traps in Electrical Circuits"
Y.-F. Chen, H. Chang, P.-C. Kuo, K.-H. Chiang, Y. Jun, P.-Y. Lai (National Central Univ.)
PA103*"Nonequilibrium Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition in a Three-Dimensional Driven Disordered System"
T. Haga (Kyoto Univ.)
PA104"Tensor Network Approach to Non-Equilibrium Systems"
R. Sato, K. II, K. Harada (Kyoto Univ.)
PA105"Transition between Super-diffusion and Sub-diffusion in Weak Turbulence of Nematic Electroconvection"
Y. Hidaka, K. Maeda (Kyushu Univ.), T. Narumi (Yamaguchi Univ.), H. Okabe, K. Hara (Kyushu Univ.)
PA106*"Current Fluctuation and Spatial Correlation in Multicomponent Systems"
I. Hiki, T. Sasamoto (Tokyo Tech)
PA107*"Universal Glass-Forming Behavior of Living Cytoplasm"
M. Ikenaga, K. Nishizawa, D. Mizuno (Kyushu Univ.)
PA108*"A Universal Structural Predictor for Nonlinear Sheared Dynamics in Simple Glass-Forming Liquids"
T. S. Ingebrigtsen, H. Tanaka (Univ. Tokyo)
PA109*"Collective Motion of Asymmetric Self-Propelling Particles under an AC Electric Field"
J. Iwasawa (Univ. Tokyo), D. Nishiguchi (CEA Saclay), M. Sano (Univ. Tokyo)
PA110"A Unified Numerical Study of Plasticity, Yielding, Melting and Jamming in Three-Dimensional Hard Sphere Glasses"
Y. Jin, H. Yoshino (Osaka Univ.)
PA111"Particle Dynamics in a Feedback Trap Using Optical Force"
Y. Jun, J. A. C. Albay (National Central Univ.)
PA112*"Nonequilibrium Entropy for Two-Dimensional Lennard-Jones System in the Heat Conducting States"
Y. Kai, N. Nakagawa (Ibaraki Univ.)
PA113"Classification of the Reversible-Irreversible Transitions in Particle Trajectories across the Jamming Transition"
T. Kawasaki (Nagoya Univ.), K. Nagasawa (Nagoya Univ., Univ. Tokyo), K. Miyazaki (Nagoya univ.)
PA114*"Transition of Motion of Self-Propelled Water-in-Oil Droplets"
S. Kobayashi, T. Ohmura, M. Ichikawa (Kyoto Univ.)
PA116*"How Robust is the Directed Percolation Universality against Shear?- Studies on Turbulent Dynamics in Liquid Crystals -"
M. Kuroda, H. Ohnuma, M. Sano (Univ. Tokyo)
PA117*"AC Resistivity of Driven Vortices of Superconductor Measured by Microwave Technique"
H. Kurokawa, F. Nabeshima, A. Maeda (Univ. Tokyo)
PA118*"Glassy States of a Repulsive Vectorial Spin Model"
K. Mitsumoto, H. Yoshino (Osaka Univ.)
PA201*"Geometry-Driven Collective Ordering of Bacterial Vortices"
K. Beppu, Z. Izri, J. Gohya (Kyushu Univ.), K. Eto, M. Ichikawa (Kyoto Univ.), Y. T. Maeda (Kyushu Univ.)
PA202"Spin Sculpting in Dissipative Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates"
Y. Eto (AIST), H. Shibayama, A. Torii (Gakushuin Univ.), H. Saito (UEC), T. Hirano (Gakushuin Univ.)
PA203*"Tunable, Anisotropic Trapping of Molecules: Interplay between Non-Equilibrium Hydrodynamics and Phoretic Transports"
T. Fukuyama, Y. T. Maeda (Kyushu Univ.)
PA204*"Geometric Transition of Collective Active Vortices: Mean-Field Analysis and Numerical Simulation"
J. Gohya, Y. T. Maeda (Kyushu Univ.)
PA205*"Imaging Analysis of Actin Waves and Cell Polarity on Microstructured Surfaces"
G. Honda, A. Nakajima, S. Sawai (Univ. Tokyo)
PA206*"Phase-field Simulations of Multi-cellular Rotational Motion"
D. Imoto, N. Saito, S. Sawai (Univ. Tokyo)
PA207*"Net Locomotion of Self-Propelled Colloidal Particles with Periodic Reciprocating Motion"
A. N. Kato, M. Sano (Univ. Tokyo)
PA208*"Lattice-Based Model of Bacterial Chemotaxis with Alignment"
G. Kim, N. Uchida (Tohoku Univ.)
PA209*"Diffusion and Drift in Cytoplasm Induced by Active Proteins"
Y. Koyano, H. Kitahata (Chiba Univ.), A. S. Mikhailov (Fritz Haber Inst.)
PA210"Coarsening Dynamics in Ferromagnets and Ferromagnetic Bose-Einstein Condensates"
K. Kudo (Ochanomizu Univ.), Y. Kawaguchi (Nagoya Univ.)
PA211"Emergence of Large-Scale Vortices of Microtubules Collectively Moving on Various Types of Protein Motor, Dyneins"
N. Kanatani (Univ. Hyogo), K. H. Nagai (JAIST), T. Torisawa (NICT, CREST), K. Oiwa (Univ. Hyogo, NICT, CREST)
PA212*"Simulations of Buckling Patterns in Paint Coatings"
R.Omachi, K.Kudo (Ochanomizu Univ.), M.Shimokawa (Fukuoka Inst. of Tech.)
PA213"Vanishing Heat Capacity in Classical Disordered System: Zero-energy vs Freezing-in"
K. Saito (Univ. Tsukuba)
PA214*"Symmetry Breaking of Cluster Positioning Induced by F-Actin Flow inside Controlled Geometry"
R. Sakamoto (Kyushu Univ.), M. Tanabe, S. Ishiwata (Waseda Univ.), M. Miyazaki (Waseda Univ., WABIOS), Y. T. Maeda (Kyushu Univ.)
PA301"Nonequilibrium Energy Dissipation from Molecular Motor Kinesin"
T. Ariga (Kyushu Univ.), M. Tomishige (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.), D. Mizuno (Kyushu Univ.)
PA302*"Time Inversion Asymmetry Inherent in Body Fluctuation"
H. Baba, S. Takatori (Doshisha Univ.), J. Yoshimoto (NICT), T. Kenmotsu, K. Yoshikawa (Doshisha Univ.)
PA303"Migration Model Based on Persistent Fluctuation of Cell Shape"
H. Ebata, A. Yamamoto, S. Kidoaki (Kyushu Univ.)
PA305"Nonequilibrium Stochastic Dynamics at Single Cell Level"
H. Ge (Peking Univ.), H. Qian (Univ. of Washington), X. S. Xie (Univ. of Harvard)
PA306*"Stochastic Properties of an Active Force Dipole"
Y. Hosaka, S. Komura (Tokyo Metro. Univ.), A. S. Mikhailov (Fritz-Harber-Institut)
PA307*"Pattern Formation of Skin Cancer: Effects of Hydrodynamic Interactions"
T. Hoshino, S. Komura (Tokyo Metro. Univ.), H.-Y. Chen (National Central Univ.), K.-A. Wu (National Tsing-Hua Univ.)
PA308"Wriggle Motion of Actomyosin Droplets"
M. Makuta , Y. Nishigami (Kyoto Univ.), H. Ito (Osaka Univ.), S. Sonobe (Hyogo Univ.), M. Ichikawa (Kyoto Univ.)
PA309*"3-Dimensional Tracking of Colloidal Particles by Holographic Microscopy"
T. Ikeda, Y. Kimura (Kyushu Univ.)
PA310"From Cells to Tissue: a Continuum Model of Epithelial Tissue"
S. Ishihara (Univ. Tokyo), P. Marcq (Univ. Paris 6), K. Sugimura (Kyoto Univ.)
PA311"Computational Simulation of Spontaneous Transition between Active and Inactive in Whole Chemoreceptor Array in E. coli"
A. Ishijima (Osaka Univ.)
PA312"Sensing of Substratum-Rigidity and Directional Migration by Fast-Crawling Cells"
Y. Iwadate, C. Okimura (Yamaguchi Univ.), K. Shimabukuro (Ube Nat. Col. Tech.), Y. Sakumura (Aichi Pref. Univ., NIST)
PA313*"{Artificial-cells}-on-a-Chip: Cell-Free Gene Expression in Microwells with Various geometries"
Z. Izri, R. Sakamoto (Kyushu Univ.), V. Noireaux (Univ. of Minnesota), Y. Maeda (Kyushu Univ.)
PA314*"Perception of Time-Dependent Environmental Change with Photo-Coupled Oscillators "
Y. Kamiya, H. Ueno (Doshisha Univ.), H. Kawakami (Tokushima Univ.), R. Kono, M. Matsushima, K. Yoshikawa (Doshisha Univ.)
PA315*"Confinement Effects on Reaction-Diffusion Waves of Min System Emerged in Lipid Droplets"
S. Kohyama (Keio Univ.), N. Yoshinaga (Tohoku Univ., AIST), M. Yanagisawa (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.), N. Doi, K. Fujiwara (Keio Univ.)
PA316"Anomalous Diffusion in Viscoelastic Media with Active Force Dipoles"
S. Komura, K. Yasuda, R. Okamoto (Tokyo Metro. Univ.), A. S. Mikhailov (Fritz Haber Institute)
PA317*"Growth of Vesicle Coupled with Template Polymerization"
M. Kurisu, H. Aoki, Y. Sakuma, M. Imai (Tohoku Univ.), P. Walde (ETH Zürich)
PA318*"Elastic Three-Sphere Microswimmer in a Viscous Fluid"
M. Kuroda, K. Yasuda, Y. Hosaka, R. Okamoto, S. Komura (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
PA319*"Liposome Stabilized with Cytoskeleton of DNA Gel "
C. Kurokawa (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.), K. Fujiwara (Keio Univ.), M. Morita (Tokyo Tech), I. Kawamata, Y. Kawagishi (Tohoku Univ.), A. Sakai, Y. Murayama (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.), S. Nomura, S. Murata (Tohoku Univ), M. Takinoue, M. Yanagisawa (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.)
PA320*"Geometric Angle Shifts of Helical Filaments Induced by Elastic Twist Propagation"
M. Li, S. Uda, T. Yanao (Waseda Univ.)
PA321*"Dynamics of the Cell Membrane Coupled to Cytoskeleton"
C.-C. Liang (National Tsing Hua Univ.), K. Yasuda, S. Komura (Tokyo Metro. Univ.), H.-Y. Chen (National Central Univ., Academia Sinica)
PA322*"Dynamical Scaling of Time-Delayed Wound Regeneration: A Link between Biological Aging and Physical Aging"
Y. Lou, J. Xia, W. Tang, Y. Chen (Univ. Tokyo)
PA323*"Transition on the Higher-Order Structure in Giant DNA Molecule: Differences between 1- and 2-Propanol Aqueous Solutions"
Y. Ma, Y. Yoshikawa, K. Sadakane, K. Yoshikawa (Doshisha Univ.)
PA324*"Visualization and Analysis of Internal Fluctuation of Actomyosin-Containing Droplets"
M. Makuta, Y. Nishigami, M. Ichikawa (Kyoto Univ.)
PA325*"2D Lattice Liquid Model on Triangular/square Lattices for the Fluidity of a Lipid Membrane"
H. Miura, Y. Ishimoto (Akita Prefectural Univ.)
PA326"Elucidation of the Timing of Phosphate Release during the Rotation of Thermophilic F1-ATPase"
H. Narita, H. Hoshina, Y. Nakayama (Chuo Univ.), H. Ueno (Univ. Tokyo), E. Muneyuki (Chuo Univ.)
PA401"Molecular Dynamics Study of Viscoelastic Fluid Past a Circular Cylinder"
Y. Asano, H. Watanabe, H. Noguchi (Univ. Tokyo)
PA403"Osmotic Suppression of Fluctuation Amplitude of a Trapped Particle in a Near-Critical Binary Fluid Mixture"
Y. Fujitani (Keio Univ.)
PA404*"Close Connection between a Dry-Wet Transition and a Bubble Rearrangement in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Foam"
Y. Furuta (Tokyo Tech), N. Oikawa, R. Kurita (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
PA405*"Stochastic Resonance in a Liquid Crystal Light Valve with Optical Feedback"
Y. Goto, M. Mizota, T. Nagaya (Oita Univ.), H. Orihara (Hokkaido Univ.)
PA406"Electrically Enhanced Self-Thermophoresis of Laser-Heated Janus Particles under a Rotating Electric Field"
H-R Jiang (National Taiwan Univ.)
PA407"Near-Field Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy of Nonequilibrium Electrons and Plasmons of Solid-State Devices "
Y. Kawano (Tokyo Tech)
PA408*"Thermal Convection in a Well-Mixed Two Component Fluid with Large Viscosity Difference"
K. U. Kobayashi, R. Kurita (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
PA409"Pattern Formation during Phase Separation with a Propagated Trigger"
R. Kurita (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
PA410"Reconstruction, Fluctuation-Dissipation Relation in Noisy Network Dynamics, and Network Responses"
E. S. C. Ching (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong), P.-Y. Lai (National Central Univ.)
PA411*"Intrinsic Geometric Mechanical Responses of Open Cylindrical Shells"
D. Matsumoto, T. G. Sano, H. Wada (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
PA412"Slow Dynamics and Dynamical Heterogeneities in Cluster Glasses"
R. Miyazaki (Tohoku Univ.), T. Kawasaki, K. Miyazaki (Nagoya Univ.)
PA413"Contribution of Attached Eddies to a Two-Point Correlation Function in Wall-Turbulence"
Y. Mizuno, T. Yagi, K. Mori (Meteorological Res. Inst.)
POSTER SESSION II - November 21 (Tue.) 14:00-16:00
PB101"Finite Shot Noise and Electron Heating at Quantized Conductance in High-Mobility Quantum Point Contacts"
T. Muro (Osaka Univ.), Y. Nishihara (Osaka Univ., Kyoto Univ.), S. Norimoto (Osaka Univ., Univ. Paris Saclay), M. Ferrier (Univ. Paris Saclay), T. Arakawa, K. Kobayashi (Osaka Univ.), T. Ihn, C. Rössler, K. Ensslin, C. Reichl, W. Wegscheider (ETH Zurich)
PB102"Pair Creation of Charge Carriers and Effective Temperature in Gauge/gravity Correspondence"
S. Nakamura, H. Hoshino (Chuo Univ.)
PB103*"Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Stochastic Model of F1-ATPase"
Y. Nakayama, M. Tanaka, E. Muneyuki (Chuo Univ.)
PB104*"Actively-Fluidized Cytoplasm Become Strong Glass Former"
K. Nishizawa, D.Mizuno (Kyushu Univ.)
PB105*"Micro-Rheology of Dense Colloidal Suspension under Mechanical Loading"
R. Ogiwara, N. Honda, D. Mizuno (Kyushu Univ.)
PB106*"Bulk-Edge Correspondence for Bogoliubov Band in Bose-Einstein Condensate "
T. Ohashi, S. Kobayashi, Y. Kawaguchi (Nagoya Univ.)
PB107*"Information Thermodynamics in Gene Regulatory Network Motifs"
S. Otsubo, T. Sagawa (Univ. Tokyo)
PB108"Brownian Motor under Periodic Feedback Control"
D. Y. Lee (IBS), J. Um (Seoul National Univ.), G. Paneru (IBS), H. K. Pak (IBS, UNIST)
PB109*"Experimental Verification of Nonequilibrium Equalities under Error-Free Measurements"
G. Paneru, D. Y. Lee (IBS), H. K. Pak (IBS, UNIST)
PB110 "Tracer Large Deviation in 1D Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process"
T. Sasamoto (Tokyo Tech), K. Mallick (CEA Sacley), T. Imamura (Chiba Univ.)
PB111*"Self-Propelled Cm-Sized Droplet Exhibiting Specific Regular Motions under Confinement"
S. Sato, H. Sakuta, K. Yoshikawa (Doshisha Univ.)
PB112*"How to Experimentally Probe Universal Features of Absorbing Phase Transitions Using Steady State"
K. Tamai, M. Sano (Univ. Tokyo)
PB113*"Nernst-Like Effect in a Flexible Chain Model"
S. Tamaki, K. Saito (Keio Univ.)
PB114*"Rheology and Fluctuations in Active Bacterial Hydrogel"
K. Tanamachi, S. Nara, D. Mizuno (Kyushu Univ.)
PB115*"A Microscopic Model for the Ball with Zero Coefficient of Restitution and its Singular Behavior"
S. Taniguchi (Kyoto Univ.), N. Shiraishi (Keio Univ.), S. Sasa (Kyoto Univ.)
PB116"Numerical Study on Spatiotemporally Intermittent Arrangement of Laminar-Turbulent Coexistence as a DP Stochastic Process"
T. Tsukahara (Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
PB117*"Probe Diffusion of Sol-Gel Transition in Refractive-Index-Matched Polymer Solution"
N. Watanabe, X. LI, M. Shibayama (Univ. Tokyo)
PB118"Finize-Size Fluctuation in Long-Range Systems"
Y. Y. Yamaguchi (Kyoto Univ.), K. Kaneko (Univ. Tokyo)
PB119*"Evaluation of Entropy Production in Liquid Crystal Electroconvection"
S. Zeraati (Tokyo Tech), Y. T. Fukai (Tokyo Tech, Univ. Tokyo), K. A. Takeuchi (Tokyo Tech)
PB201*"Colony Growth of Cells on a Substrate"
S. K. Schnyder, J. J. Molina, R. Yamamoto (Kyoto Univ.)
PB202"In Situ Observation of Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical Traps of Various Shapes"
K. Shibata, H. Shibayama, A. Torii, R. Suzuki, H. Toda, T. Hirano (Gakushuin Univ.)
PB203"Phase Separation and Pattern Formation of Binary Bose-Einstein Condensates in Various Optical Trap Shapes"
H. Shibayama, A. Torii, K. Shibata , M. Takahashi (Gakushuin Univ.), Y. Eto (AIST), H. Saito (Univ. of Electro-Communications), T. Hirano (Gakushuin Univ.)
PB204"Emergence of Wrinkles in Double-Coating Process"
M. Shimokawa (Fukuoka Inst. Tech.), K. Kudo (Ochanomizu Univ.)
PB205*"Coexistences of Lamellar Phases in Ternary Surfactant Solutions"
I. Sou, R. Okamoto , S. Komura (Tokyo Metro. Univ.), J. Wolff (Institut Charles Sadron)
PB206*"How Volume Exclusion Affects Collective Behavior of Microtubules Driven by Kinesin"
S. Tanida (Univ. Tokyo), K. Furuta (NICT), K. Nisikawa, T. Hiraiwa (Univ. Tokyo), H. Kojima (NICT), M. Sano (Univ. Tokyo)
PB207*"Active Deformable Particles in Poiseuille Flow"
M. Tarama (Kyoto Univ.)
PB208*"Phase Separation of Rabi-Coupled Spin States in an 87Rb F=1 BEC"
A. Torii, R. Suzuki, H. Toda , H. Shibayama, K. Shibata, M. Takahashi (Gakushuin Univ.), Y. Eto (AIST), H. Saito (Univ. of Electro-Communications), T. Hirano (Gakushuin Univ.)
PB209"Cell-Like Locomotion of Self-Organized Motor-Cytoskeletal Structure"
T. Torisawa, K. Oiwa (NICT)
PB210"Quantum Turbulence in Atomic Bose-Einstien Condensates"
M. Tsubota (Osaka City Univ.)
PB211*"Dynamic Properties of Topological Defects in Active Nematic Cell Sheets"
M. Uwamichi, M. Sano (Univ. Tokyo)
PB212*"The Role of Long- and Short-Range Hydrodynamic Interactions on a Dilute Oscillatory Sheared Suspension"
W.-T. Yeh, T. Kawasaki, K. Miyazaki (Nagoya Univ.)
PB213*"Features of Fingering Patterns of Solidification Formed by Invasion of Fluid"
C. Yamanaka, S. Kitsunezaki (Nara Women's Univ.)
PB301"Experimental Systems and Mathematical Model of Self-Propelled Particles with Memory of Rotation Rate"
K. H. Nagai (JAIST), H. Ito (Kyushu Univ.), T. Sugi (Shiga Univ. Med. Sci.), Y. Sumino (Tokyo Univ. Sci.), H. Chaté (CEA-Saclay, Beijing Comp. Sci. Res. Ctr.), N. Kanatani (Univ. Hyogo), K. Oiwa (Univ. Hyogo, NICT, CREST)
PB302*"Biologically-Inspired Pipettes"
K. Nakamura (Ritsumeikan Univ.), T. Hisanaga, K. Nakajima (NAIST), H. Wada (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
PB303"Membrane Shape Transformation Induced by Banana-Shaped Proteins"
H. Noguchi (Univ. Tokyo)
PB304*"Swimming Behavior of Neutral Squirmer against Non-Slip Boundary"
T. Ohmura, Y. Nishigami (Kyoto Univ.), J. Manabe, T. Ishikawa (Tohoku Univ.), M. Ichikawa (Kyoto Univ.)
PB305*"Stability and Thermodynamic Efficiency of F1-ATPase"
T. Okaniwa, M. Tanaka, E. Muneyuki (Chuo Univ.)
PB306"A Role of Stress Fibers in Crawling Migration of Fish Keratocytes"
C. Okimura (Yamaguchi Univ.), A. Taniguchi, S. Nonaka (NIBB), Y. Iwadate (Yamaguchi Univ.)
PB307*"Elastic Response of Single DNA Condensed by Poly-Lysine"
S. Saga, Y. Murayama (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.)
PB308*"Collective Motion of Hydrodynanically Coupled Colloidal Particles Driven by Optical Tweezers"
K. Saito, Y. Kimura (Kyushu Univ.)
PB309*"Specific Localization of Actin and DNA in Cell-sized Aqueous/Aqueous Micro Droplet"
H. Sakuta, N. Nakatani (Doshisha Univ.), K. Takiguchi (Nagoya Univ.), K. Tsumoto (Mie Univ.), K. Yoshikawa (Doshisha Univ.)
PB310"Unveiling Dimensionality Dependence of Glassy Dynamics: 2D Infinite Fluctuation Eclipses Inherent Structural Relaxation"
H. Shiba, Y. Yamada (Tohoku Univ.), T. Kawasaki (Nagoya Univ.), K. Kim (Osaka Univ.)
PB311* "Direct Observations of Transition Dynamics from Macro- to Micro-phase Separation in Asymmetric Lipid Bilayers"
S. F. Shimobayashi (JAMSTEC), M. Ichikawa, T. Taniguchi (Kyoto Univ.)
PB312* "Enhanced Synthesis of Genetic Polymer Mediated by Non-random Ligation in a Temperature Gradient"
T. Shiraki (Kyushu Univ.), K. Kamei (Kyoto Univ.), Y. T. Maeda (Kyushu Univ.)
PB313* "Switching of Characteristic Motion for Swimming Nematic Liquid Crystal Droplets in Concentrated Surfactant Solution"
M. Suga (Kyushu Univ.), S. Kobayashi (Kyoto Univ.), T. Ikeda (Kyushu Univ.), M. Ichikawa (Kyoto Univ.), Y. Maeda, Y. Kimura (Kyushu Univ.)
PB314"Competitive Proliferation of GV-based Model Protocells"
T. Sugawara (Kanagawa Univ.), M. Matsuo, T. Toyota (Univ. Tokyo), K. Suzuki (Kanagawa Univ.)
PB315"Photo-sensitive Encapsulated Oil-droplets Causing Dynamics of Giant Vesicle"
K. Suzuki, N. Nakayama, M. Iguchi, T. Sugawara (Kanagawa Univ.)
PB316* "Asymmetric Management for the Cell Ends in Spirochete"
K. Takabe, S. Nakamura (Tohoku Univ.)
PB317* "Simulating the Reversal Cytoplasmic Streaming with Dissipative Particle Dynamics"
T. Takagi (Ritsumeikan Univ.), A. Kimura (National Institute of Genetics), H. Wada (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
PB318* "Reentrant Transition for Numerous Bolt-like Particles under External Vertical Vibration"
S. Takatori, H. Baba (Doshisha Univ.), T. Ichino (Kindai Univ.), C-Y. Shew (City Univ. of NY), K. Yoshikawa (Doshisha Univ.)
PB319* "Time Scale Dependent Diffusion in Entangled DNA Solution"
M. Tanoguchi, Y. Murayama (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.)
PB320*"Heat Dissipation from Rotating F1 Motor"
N. Tobita, Y. Nakayama, E. Muneyuki (Chuo Univ.)
PB321"Budding, Division and DNA delivery in Synthetic Phospholipid Vesicles under Chemical Feeding"
J. M. Castro, H. Sugiyama, T. Toyota (Univ. Tokyo)
PB322* "Morphogenesis of Small Intestinal Villus"
Y. Umemura, T. Hoshino, S. Komura (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
PB323*"Micrometric Confinement Induces Anomalous Diffusion in Semi-dilute Polymer Solution "
C. Watanabe, M. Yanagisawa (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.)
PB324*"Origin of Linear Response in Phototaxis of Volvox"
K. Yamada (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.), H. Wada (Ritsumeikan Univ.), Y. Murayama (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.)
PB325"Osmotic Mechanism of Loop Extrusion Process"
T. Yamamoto (Nagoya Univ.), H. Schiessel (Inst. Lorentz Theo. Phys.)
PB326"Self-Assembly and Packing Pattern of Model Cells"
S. Fujiwara, A. Oda, M. Yanagisawa (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.)
K. Yasuda, R. Okamoto, S. Komura (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
PB328"Geometric Control of Wave Instability in Min Oscillations"
N. Yoshinaga (Tohoku Univ., AIST)
PB401*"Dynamical Behavior of Self-Propelled Phospholipid Multi-Lamellar Tubes in Surfactant Solutions"
H. Morohashi, M. Imai (Tohoku Univ.), T. Toyota (Univ. Tokyo)
PB402* "Spontaneous Localization of Two Kinds of Hard Spheres in Vesicles"
Y. Natsume, Y. Komori, K. Itoh (Japan Women's Univ.), K. Kurihara (Okazaki Inst. for Integrative Bioscience)
PB403"Probing Dynamics of Local Electronic States in Nanostructures Utilizing Fast Quantum Dot Probes"
T. Otsuka, T. Nakajima, M. R. Delbecq (RIKEN, Univ. Tokyo), P. Stano (RIKEN, Slovak Acad. of Sci.), S. Amaha (RIKEN), J. Yoneda (RIKEN, Univ. Tokyo), K. Takeda, G. Allison (RIKEN), A. Noiri, T. Ito (RIKEN, Univ. Tokyo), D. Loss (RIKEN, Univ. of Basel), A. Ludwig, A. D. Wieck (Ruhr-Univ. Bochum), S. Tarucha (RIKEN, Univ. Tokyo)
PB404"Drag Coefficient of a Liquid Domain with Distinct Viscosity in a Fluid Membrane with Its Ambient Fluids Being Confined"
Y. Otsuka, H. Tani, Y. Fujitani (Keio Univ.)
PB405"Smectic Phase Formation in Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids with Long Alkyl Chain: the Role of Orientational Dynamics"
H. Peng, H. Shiba (Tohoku Univ.)
PB406*"Effect of Lipid Membrane on Elasticity of Microgel Prepared inside the Lipid Droplet"
A. Sakai, Y. Murayama (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.), S. Sasaki, T. Fujisawa, S. Kidoaki (Kyushu Univ.), M. Yanagisawa (Tokyo Univ. Agric.Technol.)
PB407"Topological Glass in Melt of Non-Concatenated Ring Polymers"
T. Sakaue (Kyushu Univ.)
PB408*"Continuum Limit of Vibrational Properties of Structural Glasses"
M. Shimada, H. Mizuno, A. Ikeda (Univ. Tokyo)
PB409*"Stronger Selection can Slow Down Evolution Driven by Recombination on a Smooth Fitness Landscape"
M. Ueda, N. Takeuchi, K. Kaneko (Univ. Tokyo)
PB410*"Mechanics of the Nucleus and Cell Body during Early Mouse Development with Implications for Developmental Biology"
F. AS van Esterik, M. Ikenaga (Kyushu Univ.), H. Niwa (Kumamoto Univ.), D. Mizuno (Kyushu Univ.)
PB411"Development of High-Speed Ion Conductance Microscopy for Visualizing Morphological Changes in Biological Samples with Nanoscale Resolution"
S. Watanabe (Kanazawa Univ.)
PB412*"A Relationship between a Bubble-Avalanch Dynamics and a Superdry-Sry Transition in a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Foam"
N. Yanagisawa, R. Kurita, N. Oikawa (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
PB413*"Deformations and Mechanical Responses of a Paper Spring"
T. Yoneda, D. Matsumoto, K. Suehiro, H. Wada (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
PB414"Viscoelastic Epithelial Tissues by the Bubbly Vertex Model"
Y. Ishimoto (Akita Prefectural Univ.)
PB415"Dynamical Coexistence of Polydisperse Hard Spheres"
M. Campo (Univ. Mainz), C. Patrick Royall (Univ. Bristol), Thomas Speck (Univ. Mainz)