SFS2017 Best Poster Award for Young Researcher

"SFS2017 Best Poster Award for Young Researcher"
were given to the following 11 young scientists.

PA103Taiki Haga (Kyoto University)
"Nonequilibrium Kosterlitz-thouless Transition in a Three-dimensional Driven Disordered System"
PA109Junichiro Iwasawa (The University of Tokyo)
"Collective Motion of Asymmetric Self-propelling Particles under an AC Electric Field"
PA206Daisuke Imoto (The University of Tokyo)
"Phase-field Simulations of Multi-cellular Rotational Motion"
PB104Keiji Nishizawa (Kyushu University)
"Actively-fluidized Cytoplasm Become Strong Glass Former"
PB109Govind Paneru (IBS Center for Soft and Living Matter)
"Experimental Verification of Nonequilibrium Equalities under Error-free Measurements"
PB201Simon Kaspar Schnyder (Kyoto University)
"Colony Growth of Cells on a Substrate"
PB211Masahito Uwamichi (The University of Tokyo)
"Dynamic Properties of Topological Defects in Active Nematic Cell Sheets"
PB304Takuya Ohmura (Kyoto University)
"Swimming Behavior of Neutral Squirmer against Non-slip Boundary"
PB311Shunsuke Shimobayashi (JAMSTEC)
"Direct Observations of Transition Dynamics from Macro- to Micro-phase Separation in Asymmetric Lipid Bilayers"
PB319Masaya Tanoguchi (Tokyo Univ. Agric. Technol.)
"Time Scale Dependent Diffusion in Entangled DNA Solution"
PB323Chiho Watanabe (Tokyo Univ. Agric. Technol.)
"Micrometric Confinement Induces Anomalous Diffusion in Semi-dilute Polymer Solution"